Celebrity Zone

Artist Management at Topnotch Entertainment represents some of the most outstanding performers from India in the fields of voiceover, spokespersons, hosts and actors, guest stars, co-stars, female models, male models, Club DJ's, Bhangra Group, Singers – Male Singers, Female Singers, Punjabi Singers, Ghazal Singers etc.; Rythem and Blues (R & B/POP), Master of Ceremonies (MC's), Mainstream Artist, Hip Hop, DJ's etc. With the capriciousness of current music occupation models, along with the astounding range of music-related chances available to those in the know, the success edge will go to the most well-versed individuals running with the right mixture of financing, talent, foresight, planning, timing, and game plan execution systematically. Our list of artists in different fields under Artists Management will come soon.

Our wide range of PAN India Network help to provide a complete solution of Managing Professional Artists such as Bollywood Celebrities, Singers, Laughter Challenge Comedians, Bands, Belly Dancers, Pole Dancers, Salsa / Latino / Samba Dancers, Bollywood Item Dancers, Western / Folk Dance Troupes, International Acrobats, National Mimic’s & Emcee’s assuring good quality and professionalism regards to particular artist. Our aim is to assist our clients to get the best for their investment made and make task of presenting a great show as easy as possible. We have been responsible for arranging Concerts across India for several years and specialize in planning and executing of all engagements related to events.

Corporate Events

A sensible event planner will try to understand and work for the best interest of its client’s tastes and relaxation modes. In this fast moving world people hardly have anytime left for recreation and in most cases their social life is totally cut off because they hardly get time from their busy work schedule which to certain extent affects their professional life. So keeping in mind about this the business world in order to rejuvenate their employees’ plans events with our assistance like corporate events involving various multi-national companies, trade-biz shows, business theme parties, round table debates, workshops business lunch parties and so on and this is the time when Topnotch Entertainment’s Corporate event management team comes to their rescue.

Since the corporate world is a busy world. Well for that reason our Corporate event management team caters to the demands of our business clients by normally organizing shorter events but at a very reasonable cost perfectly suited for the business world. While organizing any corporate events, Topnotch Entertainment aims and encourages the business employees’ to lean pro-actively but in a fun and encouraging way since this way it will help build them team unity and share a good rapport at the workplace.

Promotions & Branding

Promotion holds utmost significance for any company as it leads to more public awareness and popularity. We design inventive; perception based Promotional Campaigns for various corporations which escort the lucrative business for them. We aim at excellence in our promotional activities the brands. Provide them with the proper exposure to the mass. We have the ability for carrying out successfully all sorts of promotion in all the parts of the country.
We also conceptualize PR campaigns whether for brands or persona.


Production & Operations

Excellence is to do a common thing in an uncommon way. The production is the back bone for any show. We provide with top world – class vendor and manpower. The manpower includes A+ hostess and promoters, with their event can never be paralyzed. We are grateful to have very lovely team.

We have the skill in delivering lighting solutions, special "sound to light" effects as per your requirement. The bonus of our services like back stage mgt and high- quality manpower. As we think for a successful event one must coordinate with other. Vendor coordination, back- stage management & coordination acts like a back bone for the execution of any event. We pay attention to all the details such as pre- event coordination and planning. We have all possible amenities for branding; those are available in the market.